Compassion in World Farming: End the Cage Age


Compassion in World Farming has launched its most ambitious campaign to date: the campaign to End the Cage Age for all Europe’s farm animals.

The campaign is challenging an entire system that affects many different animals. Hens, pigs, ducks and even rabbits are farmed in cages across the EU.

Cages symbolise all that is wrong with factory farming. They confine. They thwart natural instincts. Despite this, over 700 million farm animals in the EU spend their lives in cages every year.

This outmoded system of production needs to be confined to the history books.

The campaign launched with the release of a new film, Time to Decide, which calls for this generation to take a stand against cages. Over 150,000 people have already seen the film:

Compassion has started a petition that calls on Members of the European Parliament and the Agriculture Ministers of all 28 EU Member States to ban the use of cages in all rabbit farming (




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Item information:

Level: Regional
Goal: Improvement
Item: Improvement of European legislation (as the only existing piece of regional legislation on animal welfare)

Contribution made by
Joyce D’Silva - 09.02.2015

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