Strengthening the European legislation towards more general bans


At mid-term, strengthening the European legislation, in particular legislation towards general bans, can be achieved in some fields if there is strong support. Either from the general public (e.g.: 1 million valid signatures for the European Citizens’ initiative: Stop Vivisection), or a strong legal basis where an increasing number of European countries have already adopted bans for particular practices (e.g.: fur farming, foie gras, animal fighting, fox hunting or ritual slaughter without pre-stunning). To go further, these general bans could be extended to other practices where a legal regime already exists at European level (e.g.: intensive farming systems based on some high confinement method banned in the EU such as battery cages are for laying hens; or animal experiments based on the extension of the ban regarding animal testing for cosmetics).

In a more visionary ideal, general bans regarding practices generating avoidable suffering to animals should be extended to the other regions of the world.




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Item information:

Level: Regional
Goal: Improvement
Item: Improvement of European legislation (as the only existing piece of regional legislation on animal welfare)

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SB - 07.07.2014

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