Agreements on animal welfare between countries in the same region
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Besides Europe, adopting regional agreements on animal welfare between the various countries in the same regions of the world seems to be an important step to take. The European instruments already provide an operating example of a regional set of rules on animal welfare. If it could be done in Europe, it can be done in the other regions of the world too! Those regions can be, for instance, those identified in the GAL database. The AWLD identifies the following continental regions: Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe and Oceania.

In order to quickly reach regional agreements on animal-friendly regulations, or at least minimum standards on animal welfare in the short term, it is possible to identify common grounds in the legislation (that already exists) for the different countries of each regions. To improve the legal protection of animals everywhere in the world, it would then be necessary to update this basis. This would increase the level of animal protection at regional level. The most advanced and progressive countries can also act as a driving force. This will make the other countries aim for a higher level of common protection (as at European level).




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Level: Regional
Goal: Adoption
Item: Adopting regional animal welfare legislation where none exists

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SB - 07.07.2014

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