Specific regional bans for all the countries of the same region


Every region in the world has some specific ideas with regards to animal (ab)uses. Nowadays, the most animal-friendly countries in each region have already paved the way in banning some uses. These are, in particular, cultural practices that cause huge suffering to individual animals. Major examples of these traditional practices include bullfighting in South American and South European countries, and shark finning and bear farms in Asia. A modern ‘win’ can therefore be a more general ban for all countries in the same region. In addition to cultural practices, any kind of cruel practice (largely recognized as such) can be banned at mid-term. In this sense, the most advanced countries should encourage the other countries of the same region to follow them (as is the case with some farming practices and other regulations or bans concerning animal welfare at European level).




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Level: Regional
Goal: Adoption
Item: Adopting regional animal welfare legislation where none exists

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SB - 07.07.2014

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