Strong law enforcement at national level is self-evident


Nationwide the structures for the strong and persuasive enforcement of animal law in criminal, administrative and civil procedures are united at a high level. The vision is that law enforcement in animal matters is the rule and not the exception.


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Idea behind this:
Political effort is needed for creating, funding, educating and monitoring the law enforcement process. Animals do belong in our legal boat in society. This is irrespective of where they live nationally and how strong the animal’s interests are represented by animal organizations and animal friends within a certain region of the country. A strong political will therefore allows motivation and funding of the law enforcement function, and the collecting and publishing of all data on animal cases in the criminal, administrative and civil field at local and district level.



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Item information:

Level: National
Goal: Enforcement
Item: To make animal laws binding – not wishing lists

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AFG - 08.07.2014

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