Full public transparency on strong enforcement


In this utopia, animal cases will either not happen, will be foreseen and avoided, or will be kept at a very low levels relating to minor suffering and small breaches of the animal’s dignity. These rare cases will be resolved quickly and in full public transparency. The animals will be re-housed appropriately and the offender publicized, penalized and banned from keeping animals.


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Idea behind this:
Once animal issues are fully acknowledged in public and the consumer habits have changed dramatically into a far more animal and nature-friendly behavior, animal abuse will be – on a utopian basis – an exception. With common efforts from authorities, animal welfare and animal rights organizations, if they are at all still needed, these cases will disappear. Citizens will be able to track the case at every level and monitor the effectiveness of the law enforcement process directly.



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Level: National
Goal: Enforcement
Item: To make animal laws binding – not wishing lists

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AFG - 08.07.2014

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