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The owners, users and protectors of animals know exactly what the animal laws say. Therefore all relevant information at national – and district and local – level is published in a transparent, public-friendly and precise way. The sites contain all animal-related legislation with details on animal welfare legislation, the legal status of animals and the constitutional bases. They also contain the responsible authorities in administrative, penal and civil law matters at national, district and local level, leaflets, and actual political debates on animal matters at national – and by reference at district and local – level. The national authorities, together with animal organizations, periodically run courses for all animal law enforcement authorities (including the police, state attorneys, judges and state veterinarians) on content and enforcement of animal-related national law.


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Idea behind this:
Animal related law can only be enforced when known. This is not only refers to the specialists on animal law, but also the animal owners, animal protectors, the authorities and public help too. The actual legislation has to be made publicly available because it is often hard to find on official and private websites. That will help discussions with animal owners on the adequate or at least legally correct treatment of animals. The chances of a criminal complaint depend on whether the concrete treatment is legal or not. If not legal, it depends on taking the relevant evidence.
Side effects:
Animal organizations concentrate a lot on prevention issues and on practical aspects of animal welfare, for instance, animal shelters, information campaigns and on the ethical rights for animals. Animal law comes to life when enforced. The authorities, the animal owners and the animal welfare organizations gain more confidence in each other when working together against illegal animal treatment.



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Item information:

Level: National
Goal: Enforcement
Item: To make animal laws binding – not wishing lists

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AFG - 08.07.2014

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