Create complete animal welfare legislation on vertebrates
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Each nation puts in place a complete, precise and detailed piece of legislation on the welfare of the “Big Five” (all vertebrates as lab, farm, companion, sport and wild animals) against suffering, pain, fear and damage. The legislation also includes a permit system, bans, administration and penal aspects, and enforcement structures. It meets the highest level of animal friendliness possible.


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Idea behind this:
More than half of all global nations have no animal welfare legislation, not to mention complete and animal-friendly legislation.

When the content and degree of animal friendliness of these pieces of legislation are not too far apart from country to country, there is little difference to the animal-unfriendly practices in countries with the weakest laws or with no laws. By enforcing the law nationwide and no longer on a local or district level, it means that the worst forms of animal housing and treatment in that country can be stopped and banned.
Side effects:
The political process of creating nationwide animal welfare legislation brings two things into balance: the interests of the animal users and the animals’ interests of being kept in conditions with no unnecessary suffering. Society feels the efforts being made and feels like it is being taken seriously by the legislator – animal cruelty is being avoided and banned nationwide.



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Item information:

Level: National
Goal: Adoption
Item: Adopting national laws where none exist (from anti-cruelty to pro-dignity legislation)

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AFG - 07.07.2014

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