(The few) cases of mistreated and badly kept animals are quickly judged


In this utopia only a few animal cases exist in the future. People who mistreat animals or hurt their dignity are very rare. These cases are taken very seriously by the public and the authorities. They are all resolved transparently and immediately with the best solutions for the animals involved. Clear measures within the criminal and administrative framework also prevent this person from mistreating animals again.


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Idea behind this:
In this utopia, animal cases will normally no longer exist. The few will not be tolerated by society, the authorities and the animal workers. There will be no heavy, legal obstacles in the way and the case will be resolved with the help of specialized animal police, motivated state attorneys, the veterinarian service, highly qualified animal workers and animal attorneys. Those who care for animals will make up the vast majority of the public, the public authorities, the courts and the parliaments.
Side effects:
Animal welfare or animal rights discussions will be part of history and society acts with animals – if the few are kept for purposes that are accepted by the laws and society – according to their needs and dignity. Humans and animals can count on a reliable mechanism for avoiding animal treatments and for resolving them accordingly as soon as they occur.
Instead of the state taking care of this duty, the animal workers are legally authorized to resolve those cases efficiently and to support human-animal bonds.



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Item information:

Level: Local
Goal: Enforcement
Item: Making complaints in animal cases easier

Contribution made by
AFG - 07.07.2014.

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