Collect and publish all judicial data (of court decisions and contraventions in animal criminal cases)


A database on all the criminal court decisions and contraventions in animal cases of the municipality is very useful for several reasons: it increases the chances of a charge being filed when proven by the database that earlier cases were successful. Such a database is systematically worked out and made as complete as possible with a lot of comparable details. This also allows users of the database to know what is allowed and what has been brought to court successfully. Policemen, state attorneys and judges are often not specialized in the field of animal law. They depend on additional expertise from specialists and other information based on previous decisions on the issue. Arguments for higher fines and penalties can be worked out more easily when knowing the previous cases. The media can discuss if the fines in general are exemplary high or too low.


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Idea behind this:
This database places the law enforcement process under systematic control. The decisions, either in pending cases or when they become valid, are open to discussion. As a result, the judges and minor courts are aware of the public interest in their decision making process. An indirect voice is given to the animals in the procedures by the discussions in the media, as well as in further procedures and in legal theses and papers on law enforcement in animal cases. There will most probably be an increase in the number of cases, the sentences as well and the fines and penalties.
Side effects:
Depending on the local legal framework, the documents are open to the public or a confidentiality agreement is prepared to allow access to the documents and for scientific use. The cooperation with the state is made easier and the credibility of the animal movement strengthened when based on hard facts and not just opinions. It eases the political work for revising the law and the law enforcement when this is proven to be insufficient.
As an alternative, only the cases known by the media are published or the ones that were either successful or were not successful for an unsatisfying reason. Such an incomplete database is still useful, but not as reliable.



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Level: Local
Goal: Enforcement
Item: Making complaints in animal cases easier

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AFG - 07.07.2014

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