Local laws and regulations ban revolting housing conditions – also in private


Public morality as a legal basis is used to fight against revolting housing conditions for animal – even if kept away from the public eye. The conception of public morality is about to be enlarged, e.g. in areas such as certain industrial farming methods, painful or doubtful experiments on primates, intense fur farming and intense puppy breeding carried out in non-public places.


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Idea behind this:
The aspect of public morality can be expanded. It is an issue where the public is physically confronted with the bad treatment of animals. And it may also be an issue if the public know about details of illegal and revolting animal treatment – for instance in a fur farm, a slaughterhouse or a research center where they have no free access. Some members of the public might be protected by the morally-relevant emissions of such housing conditions.



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Level: Local
Goal: Adoption
Item: Make more animal-friendly laws locally

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AFG - 07.07.2014

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