Municipality bans the unfriendly use of animals in public and private as offending public morality


Viewed as a public offense, local authorities regularly adopt drastic animal-friendly legislation and make people obey it. They also completely enforce national and district animal welfare law based on the dignity concept.


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Idea behind this:
Within the framework of proper law-making at local level (possibly a small framework), the local authorities tap the full potential. They ban offensive animal housing and become fully involved. They support the district and often national animal welfare legislation based on the dignity concept. Even when certain animal housing methods are not yet banned nationally, the local authorities become involved under their own law as it is seen as a public offense and a breach of morality. They take the changing public attitude (people being offended by unfriendly housing conditions for “Big Five” animals) within their municipality into account.



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Level: Local
Goal: Adoption
Item: Make more animal-friendly laws locally

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AFG - 07.07.2014

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