Analyzing the existing local animal laws
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The local laws on animals are not to be overlooked. It is often these laws that limit the animal’s life because they intend to protect us humans against animals (like keeping dogs on leads). Public morals are traditionally local level issues and the authorities have to protect society against unwanted situations.

Analyzing the existing bans at local level can be very useful for the animal issue. It is also interesting to see in which cases in the last few years the municipality has become involved. Similarities can then be found and worked out for animal-related issues – like offenses against public morals by keeping animals in very bad conditions, e.g. in circuses, zoos, pet shops and for races.


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Idea behind this:
Enlarge the focus of local laws and regulations. They have the potential to change the world of animals dramatically. It may not be as attractive as following the big theories, but by applying targeted effort it may be easier to get the local legislator to protect public morals by using the existing legal framework. Therefore the existing laws and regulations have to be made clear.
Side effects:
The local authorities are the ones within our own neighborhood that have a duty to keep us safe and calm. To know them and to motivate them for animal issues makes the success of animal-friendly demands possible.



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Level: Local
Goal: Adoption
Item: Make more animal-friendly laws locally

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AFG - 07.07.2014

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