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A new concept

Globally interconnected and interdisciplinary Animal Law Centers take care and resolve every animal issue

Close cooperation between law schools, universities, private organizations and worldwide experts allows closely interconnected, global Animal Law Centers to take care of ‘every’ animal issue and resolve is – like a utopia. Problems with animal suffering and a loss of dignity towards animals may have different details but they can be compared worldwide and, as a result, the solutions may be similar and worked out together. As it is a global issue, the universities and law schools at local level are to be open for being part of such an interconnected Animal Law Center basis.


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Idea behind this:
Universities and law schools can be open for being part of a big organization as a source of shared knowledge, wisdom and motivation. On a local level, these institutions can help to resolve problems within their field of responsibility together with the circles involved like the animal workers’ organizations, politicians, law enforcement authorities and the media. By training their students widely and not only focusing on the local, district and national aspects, they improve the chance of creating such a global body.


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Item information:
Level: District
Goal: Education
Item: Improve knowledge on animals in law for academics

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AFG - 07.07.2014.

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