Molly Mednikow


Molly H. Mednikow is a graduate of the University of Georgia and has an M.B.A. from Georgia State University. She is the founder and chairman of the board of Amazon Community Animal Rescue, Education and Safety (Amazon CARES), a 501 (c)3 tax exempt organization. Amazon CARES is the first and only domestic animal welfare charity and no-kill animal shelter in the Peruvian Amazon. Since 2004 it has received international recognition for bringing domestic animal welfare awareness to a remote and impoverished part of the world.

Ms. Mednikow lived in the Amazon for nearly a decade running day-to-day operations of a shelter, rescue group and veterinary clinic. She created a viable organizational model with policy and standard operating procedures that has since been used to assist new animal welfare charities in Latin America. She is the recipient of the Doris Day Animal League Kindered Spirit Award and has attended numerous national and international welfare conferences.

Ms. Mednikow studied animal law in Spain during the study abroad program of Stetson University in summer 2015. She also interned for the Animal Abuse unit of the District Attorney's office of Cobb County (Atlanta).

Currently, Ms. Mednikow is a law student at Lewis and Clark Law school in Portland (Oregon).


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