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Sport Animals

What GAL does for sport animals

Sport Animals

As a sports animal, Speedy speaks for all animals used for entertainment and all kinds of exhibitions. The GAL Project wants laws to be introduced to protect these animals all around the world.

Today, the cruelest activities such as animal fighting are banned in many countries but not all. A lot of exemptions still remain for dog, cock and bull fighting around the world. Other kinds of shows such as rodeos are sometimes regulated or banned. Moreover, an increasing number of countries are banning wild animals in circuses (and sometimes all animals). Finally, there are almost no laws that aim to really protect the welfare of animals used in competitions, aquatic shows or other exhibitions (in animal parks, movies etc.).   

The cruel use of animals for artistic purposes (such as the goldfish blender by Marco Evaristti) should also be banned. Appropriate laws can lead to this ban by recognizing that the suffering and killing of animals cannot be justified by artistic freedom.


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