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Farm Animals

What GAL does for farm animals

Farm Animals

Most farm animals like Pigly - exploited for food (meat, fish, milk and eggs), clothes (like fur) or other products (such as civet coffee or bear bile) - are living in intensive farming systems. Extremely cramped conditions are responsible for a huge amount of suffering. Both land and sea creatures are concerned. Most of them also suffer from regular harm (removing pigs’ teeth, tails and testicles, dehorning calves and cows, de-beaking chickens and hens, etc.).

The GAL Project supports the introduction of laws that will put an end to these methods, knowing that most of them are still legally practiced all around the world. But some are already banned by some countries, or at least widely condemned as cruel methods, such as force-feeding to produce foie gras, ritual slaughter without pre-stunning, grinding alive baby chicks, etc.

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