Meganne Natali

Expert Meganne Natali

PhD student in Law

Her work and research are focusing on international trade of wildlife. 

She’d always been very sensitive to environmental issues facing our contemporary society and passionate about questions related to animal welfare.

Thus, it is not by chance that she decided to dedicate her life trying to promote public awareness of animal protection and related global legislation evolution.

After she obtained her LL.M (Masters in Environmental Law, Spaces and Maritime Resources) in the University of Nice, France, her LL.M dissertation about the role of WTO in the protection of fishing resources had the honour of being published into a book. She then decided to work on a thesis on international law at the same university.

In parallel with her studies, she frequently participated in local events organised by various organisations to raise public awareness about topics such as the living conditions of farm animals, poaching, the use of fur in the fashion world.


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